Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 3: Conflict within the Nation

Today I have learned that there are some political conflicts within the nation of Uganda.  Uganda is separated by different regions, and within each of those regions there are Kingdoms.  The King of Muganda captures roughly half the population of Kampala (nation's capital).  The people of Muganda are very loyal and have a love for their king as he is an upright man that has many allies outside of Uganda.  In most cases, they are more loyal and have more honor for their King than they do for the President of Uganda. The main ally to the King is the UK, which the Queen of England has his full support and protection. The same Kingdom principles which exist in England also exist here in Uganda.  Basically a King is in power and will rule for a lifetime.  He will be replaced only by the heir to the throne. 

The Ugandan Democracy is very similar to the American Democracy (however there is plenty of corruption taking place behind the scenes).  The Presidential elections will be taking place in the next 2 weeks time.  As of last night President Musiveni over-threw a bill that was put in place to support and protect various Kingdom Principles.  The primary principle is that Kings are not voted by the people, but are of heirs to their royal positions, and reign for a lifetime.  The new bill that was passed by Parliament today states that Kings will now be elected and chosen by the people, and can only serve short terms.  This new bill is in violation of a treaty which was signed a number of years ago.  As you can imagine the local people who support the King are not very pleased with the local government of Uganda.

 On a lighter note, I'm hearing that everyone back home is experiencing the snow storm of the decade  "snowmagedon!"  Please send me some pictures! 

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