Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 5: The Children are Amazing!

Sorry for jumping for all over the place, but it very difficult to prioritize what to write and what not to.  There's so much to take in from cultural differences to similarities.  But I feel the most important understanding that I am gaining is that the only true difference between Americans and the Ugandans, is the color of our skin.  Ok, there are most definitely some cultural differences too, but most importantly I'm referring to human tendencies, feelings, desires, and dreams.

Over the course of these past few days, I have been spending time just reflecting on the children at the orphanage.  Two years have passed since my last visit, and it is so neat to see the spiritual growth and development of character within each of the children.  They all have such unique personalities just like our children back home.  They sing and dance, play soccer, read, run, enjoy eating, the laughter from them is contagious, but most importantly they love and want to be loved.  Each of them has such a compassionate heart!  They have dreams and aspirations to become the very best they can be.  I can see the positive effects the RUHU home has had on each of them.  During the last visit, there were a few that could barely look me in the eye.  The abuse and abandonment these children have endured is more than most of us can imagine, and yet they are now moving into a direction of hope, filled with joy, and are unconditionally loved.  Patrick and William meet these children where they are at, and the RUHU home has been a catalyst to help restore their self-worth, security, and trust.  It is most definitely a journey for most of these children, as healing doesn't come over night, however with each day there comes more personal growth and development.

The family dynamics are absolutely amazing.  They all pitch in and do their chores around the house, the older ones looking after the younger ones.  They are learning life skills such as good manners, reading/writing, how to cook/sew, washing clothes, prayer and devotional time, and the importance of being there for one another.  I can see a bright future for each of these children, and the cycle of poverty is being broken off from them.

The other night me and 5 of the boys were wrestling, we had the greatest time.  I was picking them up over my shoulder and power bombing them onto the bed,  and pretend power driving them into the ground (dads you understand the moves I'm describing).  We laughed so hard that my stomach hurt, but it was such a good time.  I couldn't help but think of my own kids and how we do the same things back home and how their reactions of crazy dad are exactly the same.   These are just kids, designed just like our own.  In that moment I felt my perspective on the world around me beginning to shift.  To my confession, leading up until this point my focus on the 3rd world was centered around the poverty and not the heart of the people. These are people just like you and I, not projects and not objects, but real people. 

I believe if we stopped for a moment and looked beyond the projects that needed to be implemented in the 3rd world, and began looking at the heart of humanity, this would grant us all enough motivation to reshape the face of the world.  For a long time I used to pray, God bring a miracle to these people; although I believe my prayers were sincere, I have finally recognized the greatest miracle that could ever come to the face of the earth, is us, man kind- Creation is the greatest and most beautiful miracle on the face of the planet, "We truly are the hope of the world."

Tomorrow I will be discussing the progress of the chicken project, and how you can help us take steps towards self-sustainability.  BTW- I'm sorry there aren't as many photos as I would like there to be on the blog, the internet connection is terribly slow and it is difficult to upload.  I will work on getting some videos and photos uploaded later this evening.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Preston, Praying for your trip! Have an amazing, eye-opening journey. Good things are happening there. Be blessed,Sara