Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8- The Restroom Facilties

Day 8- Restroom facilities

Just wanted to give you all an update on the infrastructure, and the necessary improvements that needs to take place around the orphanage.  The facility has come a long was since I last visited 2 years ago.  The outer walls of the facility are now 12 feet tall which is an improved security measure.  The grounds are now paved with concrete and are on a slight grade which eliminates standing water.  Having the grounds paved with concrete also helps with dust control. There is now a concrete basin used for a washing station and a raised garden bed for gardening (this could be better utilized).  The home now has electricity which they have access to when power is available (the electricity is very unreliable).   Prior to having a electricity, they were using a fuel operated generator.  Having electricity is much more economical.

There are still a few important changes that need to take place immediately.  The first is the bathroom facility.  You can watch the video to get better idea of what my thoughts are. This project is definitely a high priority and is a major health concern.  In order to have the entire bathroom reconstructed, it will roughly cost between $1000-1250 USD.  

Another thought is to upgrade their kitchen facility.  Leading up until this point, they have been cooking on a very simple wood burning fire pit.  They are literally cooking all day long, one meal being prepared after the next.  They also boil their water each and every day.  My concern is the smoke inhalation from the fire.  The kitchen is bellowing with smoke which these young children are taking into their longs.  I stayed in the kitchen for about 5 minutes while they were boiling beans the other day, the smoke in-take was ridiculous, not to mention my eyes were burning.  We could easily improve this situation by installing an improved fire burning stove/oven.  I saw an improved stove at another orphanage, and it significantly cut down on the amount of smoke within the kitchen.  They referred to it as their fancy stove : ).  It would cost about $500 USD to install an improved stove which would minimize the amount of smoke during the cooking process.

I am available to chat via e-mail, or we can discuss matters further when I return to the states.  My prayer is to see these projects completed during my visit.  If you are feeling compelled to contribute to these projects, please feel free to visit our web-site @ www.toraiseupachild.org.  We do have a pay-pal option for on-line donations.  As always, your donations are 100% tax deductible.  I will look forward to chatting with you all very soon!

Thank you for standing in the gap on behalf of “the least of these little ones.”


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